There Will Always Be One Year Of Your Life That You Look Back To, Wishing You Could Live It Again - 2009 - Elarn03

There Will Always Be One Year Of Your Life That You Look Back To, Wishing You Could Live It Again - 2009 - Elarn03
There will always be one year of your life that you look back to, wishing you could live it again. My year that I want to relive is 2009. The was the best year of my life. Now I understand why I wasn't ready for a new year. I 2009 was the best year of my life. No other year could be the same. It's 2009 that I want to relive. 2009 was the end of primary. My classmates went to another school... I just loved it so much. I was 12 then. Now I'm 13, I've changed a bit. I'm afraid to talk to people by email thinking that they will say that they don't want to be my friend anymore. Why should I worry about that? The only person I want to be my friend is Khyana. The others I don't care rather you're my friend or my enemy, it doesn't bother me. There are only three people I prefer to be enemies with, Brooke (my cousin), Callie (ex-friend) and Henry (ex-friend). All the rest, to me it doesn't matter if you're my friend or my enemy. Khyana is the only person I prefer to be friends with. 2009 was also the year Khyana went to another school. There was no certain day that I want to relive in 2009, I want to relive the whole year. I know it can't happen. I've only got one life. Live how you want to. No one has control over your life. You can live your life anyway you want to. Your body is in reality in the world. The heart lives in a dream life. You can look at your life anyway you want to. Maybe people look at their life in a black and white beach. Some people may look at it in a mountainside with red mist like the one in my blingee near the logo. Some might see it in a forest with an empty swing. I see mine on a motorway that you'd be driving on when you're travelling a long distance. Let's say a 32 hour drive. Which to me, it's a thousand miles. I see me walking on a highway that is empty. No cars, no people. Just the white painted lines on the road. No lights. It's pitch black. Trees and mountains on the side. I walk on it on the right side of the white painted lines. Whenever I think of myself walking on the highway, I always stop and look back over my shoulder and see if any one is following me. There is no one every time. I have to go now. See you later. - Elarn03.
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I wish that the year 2011 is the best of your life!!!!!
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