Carrie: You're my...?!

Carrie: You're my...?!
*The girl in the pic isn't Carrie, keep reading to figure out who she is ;)* Carrie: *Walks through the park but gets pulled into the bushed by something* Ah! Girl: *Pulls her into the bushes* Carrie: Huh? *Sees the girl* Woah! Girl: *Looks at Carrie* Yep, its mom alright. Carrie: Huh? Girl: Mom...? Don't you recognize your own daughter? Oh yeah, we're in the past before I was even born ^^' Carrie: WHAT?! You're not my daughter! Girl: Yes I am. For some reason I got sent back to the past, in the future aunt Miya built a time machine. You said she was always the nerd of the group XD Carrie: Wtf. You're not my daughter! Go back to the mental hospital you were locked up in! Girl: *Shakes her head* You are my mom. Stubborn. Anyway, I know all about you. Your best friends are Summer, Izzabelle, Miya, and Snowfall. Snowfall's pups and I grew up together. You are a very famous actress in the future and dad is a very famous pop star. Your hair and eye color are natural except for the black streaks in your hair. People always mistake you for an emo person even though you aren't, and you have a <3 tattoo around your...uh...chest? ^^' And its permanent. Your favorite color is blue and WE have a dog named Kali, and Grandma's name is Victoria! You never knew Grandpa either. Carrie: Well, you do look like me...same eye color and hair old are you? Like how old were you when you came back to the past? Girl: 15. Carrie: Okay...and how old was I when you were born? Girl: 19...Carrie: So I'm gonna have a child this year?! Girl: Yep. Carrie: So whats your name?! Do you have any siblings? Girl: Can't tell you that, sorry mom ^^' I gotta go! *Runs off* Carrie: *Gets out of the bushes and watches her run* She gets her weird personality from her dad -_-' (Alexandriathewolf I hope you're not mad at me for making this ^^' I just figured if they had kids, maybe they could have twins, a boy and a girl and I could have the girl ^^' If thats okay :))
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AlexandriaThe... sagt:

Vor 3475 Tage
its fine i love it!^^

Sonic2223 sagt:

Vor 3475 Tage
She's so pretty!!! ^^

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