The Journey Ch. 1

The Journey Ch. 1
The Journey. Ch. 1 As spring was coming several animals rose from their den after a long hard winter. A male wolf with blue ears and a yellow tail and yellow front paws woke up. The wolf pups from the previous year would be teenagers. "Ah! Spring time already? That means..." the male wolf said, looking at his body. "Yes! I'm finally a teen!" he said, leaping around joyfully. He stopped and peered into the den. In it lay two other females, the wolf's, whos name is Bolt, sisters. He walked over to the middle child of his litter, Mar, and poked at her ear with his paw. "Hey, Mar wake up. Springs here!" he whispered in her ear. Mar opened her one eye, and snorted and began to open her other eye as she rolled over onto her stomach. Mar batted her tail against the ground, "Spring already?" she asked. "Man, just yesterday we were hunting an elk and the ground was covered in snow and ice." she said, then yawn. She then pressed her shoulder up against a golden colored she-wolf next to her, the youngest of the litter, Leanne. Leanne groaned and rolled onto her other side. Bolt and Mar shook their heads, and lept on her. Leanne yelped and jumped up, knocking her older siblings off of her. "What was that for?!" she yelled, but then looked startled and she looked all around her, "Huh? Why am I so tall? Is it...?" she asked. Mar and Bolt nodded. Leanne smiled and laughed and jumped around cheerfully. Bolt and Mar smiled and watched Leanne, who noticed them watching and stopped and blushed in embarresment. But then Bolt remembered something, he remember being friends with a wolf pup, a vampire wolf pup who was the child of his parents friends. He lept up and dashed out of his den, kicking up a cloud of dust behind him. He dashed across the green fields and looked around. He saw nothing, so he waited for a few minutes, then looked back around. When he turned around he saw a female wolf standing behind him, and his nose was touching hers. He pulled back and put his ears down, blushing. The female wolf blushed. "H-hi Daila..." said Bolt. "Hello Bolt." said Daila, the female wolf. Bolt gazed at her, how beautiful she had become since she was a pup. "Uh..uh...ummmmmm...Daila?" said Bolt. "Yeeessss?" asked Daila. "!" he said quickly and then turned around and sat the, hanging his head low, thinking, "Oh gosh I hope she didn't just hear that!" he thought in his head. Then a voice appeared in his head, it was Daila's! The voice said, "I did hear you Bolt. I can also read minds." said Daila's voice. She trotted over to him and lowered her head and nudged underneath his head, pushing his head up. He was now looking up, and Daila sat in front of him. Bolt sighed and said, "Listen, Daila. I really do love you, a lot. Its just, you're a vampire wolf, I'm just a regular wolf. You'll live forever unless something kills you. I'll die once I'm too old, and if we ever become mates then that means once I die you'll be all alone. And if I become a vampire then my family will die and I'll be alone. But, I really do love you and will be willing to do anything to be with you." Daila sighed. "You're right Bolt." she sighed. They sat for a few minutes, thinking. Then Daila jumped up. "Bolt! I remember something my mother told me! She told me that theres a crystal that can make someone immortal, like a vampire!" she said, excited. Bolt jumped up, "Really?!" he asked. She nodded. "But the road to getting it will be hard, are you sure you want to do this?" Daila asked. "Of course, anything to be with you." he said placing his paw on hers. "If we getting in trouble we can just use our powers!" he said. Daila nodded. "!" she shouted as she ran off laughing. Bolt chuckled and followed her. And thus, the journey began. P.S. I know they didn't kiss anywhere in the story but I thought this would be cute X3
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TekkenxXx sagt:

Vor 3664 Tage
awesome story! really desciptive too X3 i write stories all the time and i'm in the middle of writing a horse one ^_^

and 5********** for you!

Sonic2223 sagt:

Vor 3665 Tage
Awww! ^^ I cannot WAIT for the next part! :D

angelo9900 sagt:

Vor 3665 Tage
awww sooo cute!X3

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