Everbody loves Raven XD (please dont kill me for doing this)

Everbody loves Raven XD (please dont kill me for doing this)
Raven:*in the back room of the weapons shop watching glee* finally some time to relax Venus:*opens door* Raven theres some guys at the front of the shop on of them is looking at some guns*Raven:*sigh* ok im comming Shadow:well i must admit this place is pretty cool and i still cant belive a girl made these guns The other guys:*sigh*so borring T_T Raven:*walks through door*hi can i help you? Shadow*turns around*uh yea.....O.O Silver:pretty...Shadow:your looking lovely today ^//^ Raven:uh thanks Sonic:how about a date? ^//^ Tails:Oh wow your all pretty all the sudden ^//^ Scrouge:you so wanna bang with me i know it ^//^ Mephiles:my now theres a sweet sight ^//^ Knuckles:wanna gaurd ME with me? ^//^ Metal sonic:Sudden Arousal cause unkown Sorce may be the beutiful hedgehog ^//^ Raven:um uh....aw crap im in trouble now arnt I?*runz like hell out door* Sonic:look what you did you made her run away! Shadow:it wasnt my fault scrouge and knuckles were making all the sex comments Scrouge:DAMN YOU ALL Knuckles:*cracks knuckles* Tails:Hey beutiful come back!*runs after* Silver:YOU GET BACK HERE!! *runz after tails* Mephiles:the lovely vixen is MINE!! Metal sonic:preparing to fire cannon
erstellt von: blingeebird

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Everybody loves Raven XD
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Dash9144 sagt:

Vor 3211 Tage
tiny:grrr get away from raven
scourge:shut up
tails:shut up
metel sonic:yes
knukles:go away
silver:shut up pup
mephiles:i will kill you
everyone:GET HIM
tiny:uh oh

shawnic sagt:

Vor 3211 Tage
Shawnic:Run Raven Run

Sonic2223 sagt:

Vor 3211 Tage
XD Funny! +5

Marytherabbit... sagt:

Vor 3211 Tage
Mary:Knuckles you get here >:(.Knuckles:Hey you check out silver sometimes i don't say anything.(Kisses him)Mary:Happy now.Knuckles:O-O

murialthecat12 sagt:

Vor 3211 Tage
Me:Shadow!,.......I'll let this one slide,...*kisses him*,....but next time you disrespect your wife,you know what's gonna happen!>3

Espiessa94 sagt:

Vor 3211 Tage
Moon:Leave Her Alone,And U Shadow U Got Married With Rihanna

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