I'll never love again.....

I'll never love again.....
It all started when me and Logan went to Amys house to go to talk and stuff.(Rouge come)Rouge:Hey Knuckles<3.Knuckles:Aw not this crap again rouge im going to get married so go away dont like you anymore X(.Rouge:aw knuckies is going to be married lets get into affair.Knuckles:I would love to but im in love with someone bye-bye.(At amys house)So knuckles is going to purrpose.Mary:^^yeah im so excited!Cream:Can i be the flower girl?Mary:Sure^^(Mary looks at time)Mary:You guys dont mind if you let logan sleepover.Amy:Course not!Mary:Heres all of his list that you need to know about him k bye^^.Amyandcream:Bye^^!(Marys listing to her ipod and going to angel island)Rouge:Come on lets try 1 more time plez!Knuckles:I said no.(Hiding behind the master emerald.Rouge:Look whats over there whats that.Knuckles:What.(Rouge kisses him)Mary:^^Hey Knuckles can i spend th........:O.(Wathes them)Mary:WTF?!?!Knuckles:Stop it you bitch!Rouge:God gotta go bye!Mary:I go to a friends house and next thing i know you fucken lay this fucken shit on me?!?!?Knuckles:She just kissed me and Mary:Save it for later heres youre fucking ring and(sniff)And leave me alone for the reast of my life.(Leaves crying)Knuckles:Mary:,(.Marys:Who the hell even needs that piece of shit!!!(Starts crying)
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the Moon
The stars, the moon, they have all been blown out...you left me in the dark! [Florence + the machine "Cosmic Love" quote]
AJESIEN autumn fall transparent



naomi6246 sagt:

Vor 3118 Tage
Naomi-OK,THT'S IT!!! WOMAN U RUINED MY LIFE AND NOW THIS INNOCENT GIRL'S LIFE!!! YUR SICK!!!! *takes out her sword and claws* GET OVA HEA WOMAN!!!!!! *throws her sword*hey mary,u okay?? i barely even know u but i bet we're gonna b BFF'S .

Crazzy-Glazi sagt:

Vor 3230 Tage
Thanks, that you used my stamp^^

murialthecat12 sagt:

Vor 3231 Tage
Me:Damn it,Rouge!You ruined a great relasion ship.-_-

angelo9900 sagt:

Vor 3231 Tage
lorey:you fell my pian.:'(

blingeebird sagt:

Vor 3231 Tage
Raven: *EYES GLOW RED* THAT SH**TY BAT IS GONNA GET HER ASS KICKED FIRST CLASS *Gets Gun and loads* Hey mary wait! *runz after*

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