Teardrops on my gutair part 14*~*

Teardrops on my gutair part 14*~*
*the next day* me:ugh i dont wnna be here right now sophia:it sucks that u and joe broke up me:i guess but like he wanted to do things 2 me sophia:wat kind of things me:things really bad things sophia:wat hit u me:no but trying to make out wif me and do other stuff sophia:ohhhh i get it ewwww nasty me:right *a boy comes up 2 me* justin:excuse me im new here and i was wondering where's room 322 me:umm I'll show u u go down this hallway and make a left and there it is justin:thxs umm wats ur name me:shalice justin:wow thats a pretty name *i blush* me:thxs justin:ur welcome me:wats urs justin:justin me:col wait arent u like famous or something like that justin:yeah have u heard of me me:yeah but i dont really listen 2 ur songs unlike some other girls obsess over u justin:oh ur a great girl me:thxs justin:ur welocme well i gtg but here's my number *he writes it on my hand* me:thxs justin:ur welcome bye *he leaves* sophia:wow wat was that about me:idk but wateves sophia:how can u be so cool bout this u just talked 2 justin bieber me:and? sophia:and he likes u me:ok soph you've really losted it sophia:ok wateves *joe comes up 2 me* joe:hey me:bye joe:can we talk in private me:sure sophia:yeah i gotta go 2 my locker anyways bye shalice see ya in homeroom me:bye joe:i really wnna be wif u me:well no im sorry joe but if i haave 2 do that 4 u 2 stay loving me then i dont wanna do it joe:im sorry me:ok but i dont wanna be bf gf anymore joe:y is it someone else me:yes then no joe:wat u mean me:i mean yes there is then no there isnt joe:well who is it is it the new guy justin me:mind ur own business joe:no i wanna no me:I SAID NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! joe:ok sorry me:bye get out me face *i walk away and go 2 homeroom* teacher:take a seat shalice *i sit down* *justin walks in* justin:hi im justin im new here teacher:oh that rite welcome umm u can take a seat rite next to shalice *justin sits next 2 me* justin:we meet again me:lol yeah justin:i think ur really cute and really cool me:thxs *~*will shalice and justin get together or will joe win shalice's heart again stay tuned 4 the next one*~*
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Lillian98 sagt:

Vor 3757 Tage
Yay so good! Can't wait till you make the next one!

Bprecious sagt:

Vor 3757 Tage
This Is A Great Story I Love It!!
And I Love That You Added Justin In The Story <3 Lol ,,Cant Wait To The Next Episode!! :D

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