100 Years To Live

100 Years To Live
Let's see if I can answer your question properly. Infact to travel out of the body is a not as easy as it sounds. Some people think that they can do it but they can't,they only go and visit darkness bc they have too much hate inside of them and want to travel for their own benefits to hurt others. They go and visit other dimensions only,what could have happened but not the real life. Let's not forget that God created all of us with perfection and he gave us abilities that we still don't develope completly bc of the material world we living in & also bc many calls it madness if we start to be all this way((travel out of body)) Our conscious is clever and there is always a spiritual guide,we call an Angel to guide us. You might not see with your eyes but sometimes,you can feel the presence((Pay attention from now))He's always there to whisper words of comfort & wisdom. You might travel and see real things happening but you are not conscious because it happens when you sleep most of time and you think it was a dream. That why when you wake up,you still feel tired and need little time to bring back your conscious to think normal. Your etheric body travels all around,you may see lots of real things too but never know if it was real or just a dream and when this one comes back to the body where it belongs to because there is a little line of silver located in spinal column that will make you come back even though you don't want.((Only God decides when you're able to go forever)) You can never die this way but you can feel very bad if your body don't get into your physical body properly. I think out of body experience is something that spiritual people can practice bc they can Pray before they experience it and most of the time,when they think positif they have the chance to see other people that passed away or are still waiting to reach the light. Other vibrations((higher than us))that's why they can heal some people,gratful to other guides on the other side((light)) Your sist in law should be careful to travel like that. Are you sure that she can come & visit you?Or is it just lies to annoye you! If you don't want her to be able to see you,you may protect yourself. but be sure that she comes to see you for real,it's easy to protect yourself,I'll show you how,she will never see what you really do or even come during the night and spy your consciouness.((Close your eyes,connect your conscious with God,the Highest & purest light will be requested in a prayer,with your thought,you will ask the Lord to send you that Blue light((protective))you will imagine this one is coming from above and covers all your body. From head to thou...all your body is protected and you are invisible to anyone who wants to see what you do. Anyway when you want to travel with your conscious,you have to think positive and put the hate against people you have on the side,why is that?Because otherwise,some entities will suck your energy while you go around cause they will feel this one radiating and that helps them to stay longer around us but it will make you feel tired & sick. It's an exercice you have to pratice every day,but before you go and travel. Ask your Guide(angel)to help you go on the other side. The Lord only decides where he'll let you go and see what ever you want if you succeed. Protect yourself with the Blue light,never go without weapons,the light is your weapon. Cause you go to the unknown,going out of body experience make people who do it often look older bc they have nothing to do on the other side,exept if it's for a poor soul to help and guide to the light(Mediums do) To see others, isn't that easy,you may see them but like I said,it's another dimension you are in only,mediums can do it easely bc they had a gift or have practice it a lot. Be sure that you want to go there,if you want, protect yourself the way I told you,lay down,close your eyes and imagine that you are in the corner of the room looking at your envelope(body). Look at you & experiment what you see... The 3 eye is a Chakra,a energetic point,you find that in my chakra playlist. When you close your eyes,you will with practice,let your conscious travel from there. It took me years to be able to do it and than now it's automatic. I never travel to see what others do or to find what happened when someone hurt a child or kill someone because,your body is in danger...You will feel everything the kid or the victim has endured during that moment. All you see with your conscious,you bring it with you to your temple(Body)but this one is not the house of God,it's your shelter that God created for you,so don't bring that drama in. If you do and can't control it,You will tremble,have fever,make nightmares all the time and get into depression.(madness) It's my opinion,I told you how to do but keep it for you to practice it to look aroud you,your soul,how can you reach a higher dimension to nourish your brain & heart,to be free from the darkness or any neative vibes that come to you. No one can spy you this way if you say NO,your thoughts are powerful. If you say ,no and beleive no one can ever touch you,it will be like that,that's why God ,gave all of us free will.The slut you talking about won't be able to see anything of you,just tell her that she can't read you or see you and she won't but beleive it,than she ll turn around in the darkness. Oh my...sorry for the long PM,I hope,y'll have time to read it but I tried to explain as much as I could to make sure you understand me well. I have to go now but I am always around anytime you need me princess. Stay strong and keep in touch with me,I also love your soul! Kisses & sweet hugs for you,whishing you a lovely day my dear friend. (from Angel on youtube)
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I miss this Youtuber because she was so nice to me and she left me the most beautiful comments. She deleted her account when I posted this and I felt bad because I just didn't mean anything...wrong or bad. :( 

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