Kill New World Order_Our Government Rapes

Kill New World Order_Our Government Rapes
The woman on the left has had a micro-chip installed into her without her knowledge. The government can moniter her thoughts, what she does in her home and what she write's in her journal. She thinks moving to another state will help her. She was was attacked by electronic harrassment even when she left her home and drove around. She was also attacked on while working at two different companies. In the summer of 2008, when she was told "I am going to rape you and rip your throat open while doing so" she remained faithful and simply said "you can't rape me". After reading a journal entry she wrote when she was a little girl saying "my daddy never turned in to a monster", she began having dreams of her father raping her not knowing this was being done by the government with Blue Beam & Monarch Project. This woman felt like she was being fingered while lying in bed, praying, talking to God, riding in the car with her mother and while working on the job. The reason all of this happened is because she refused to have sex with her manager at The Galt House. Her manager offered her a car and said she would teach her to drive. Those offers were declined. If you go to the photobucket bucket account on the home page, you will see emails on what went on at The Galt House. There was a manager there who pulled his penis out, took a picture of it and sent it to two employee's there who refused to have sex with him. He made their work environment hostile, was reported and months later, he was promoted from supervisor to front desk manager. The Galt House had emails on Molly Ellis telling me she loves me and asking me why I never respond to her, and they erased the emails, letting another co-worker know that they can pull up old emails, no matter how old they are. I emailed this company telling them that since leaving their company, I was harrassed online and that the HR manager's daughter stole picture's of other women just to play mind games and stalk me. I even told them the HR manager's daughter was a demonic rapist not knowing about Electronic Harrassment, and I was told that if I contact the company again, I would get into trouble. Kool Smiles & The Galt and my current employers have access to my accounts. What I am saying is the truth and I will continue to warn women and parents about the fact that they allow their children to go behind closed doors with the people who allowed me to be raped and feeling like I was being attacked by demons. These companies, both of them, tampered with my money. The only reason Norton's couldn't touch my money is because my primary employer's are honest and are not a part of Norton's Hospital's. When I cried....the video, Stop & Stare where the guy puts his ear to the wall, reminds me of myself and how I cried doing that and looking around my apartment for camera's. I cried so many times and I tried to walk away so many times, and I was literally assaulted from front to back and I felt like I was being choked and punched in the face. This all happened to me because of the companies mentioned above, the CIA and the government of Kentucky. All of these people, including the Couriel Journal Newspaper know who my grandmother is. They have worked with her, interviewed her and put her on camera and when I wrote the White House telling them my grandmother knew Obama personally, voleentered for him and even interviewed him on WGCI in the early 90's...I was ignored. No one helped me but, instead they continued to assault me and install these voice's into my brain. They gave me nightmare's that were so direct. They can direct nightmare's. They can hear a person mention a family memeber that hasn't been seen in 10 years, steal the family members picture's and set up a profile that makes their profile appear real. They can montier your thoughts and know you thought about a childhood friend, gather their information and pretend to be them. What happened to me what so sick! And my little 7 year old sleeps away from me because of the fact that I was attacked while wacthing her sleep. She was tossing and turning and I became upset thinking about my dreams...I only thought while being angry and I felt like I was "zapped" meaning I felt like demons possessed me. And when I say that, I mean my eyes rolled in the back of my head and my body shook and became stiff. If you think that sounds far fetched, look up targeted individuals online and watch a video of a man and his children being attacked in bed. I think the man was couragous for knowing his children are being attacked and taping them on camera crying and tossing and turning in their sleep. ORead Trancformation Of America...our government and the leadrers of this world are psycho's.
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aliceiris711 sagt:

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aliceiris711 sagt:

Vor 3535 Tage
This video is so perfect. It reminds me of using my childhood imagination to help me through everything. It doesn't say its about Monarch & Blue Beam Project but, it reminds me of it.

This little boy could also be my 7 year old. When her father changed his son's diaper, a voice said "he's hurting him". and instead of thinking it's God, I knew it was the evil voice's I had heard before.

aliceiris711 sagt:

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Voice to skull technology:

aliceiris711 sagt:

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Operation Slow Kill, Microwave Murders & Electronic Harrassment

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