Whenever she thinks of him... (Please read the story under the bling)

Whenever she thinks of him... (Please read the story under the bling)
Elizabeth was daughter of a very rich man of England...Robert, Elizabeth's father became very strict with her own daughter right after her wife died one November afternoon... And ever since, Elizabeth could only be preparing herself for a life of misery ever since her father would decide the man she would marry even if they didn't love each other... By the time she was 18 her father decided to marry her with his most beloved friend's son: Frederick... And even Frederick could play piano and knew how to speak 5 distint languages he still wasn't enough for Eleizabeth... Elizabeth always wanted to meet someone who woulve love to read, write poems and want to see the world instead of trying to impress people by talents or adventures... One day, Elizabeth went to the Greenwick forest, to sit right next to the river that was located in the very exact middle of the forest and of course it was almost impossible that she could get lost because she went to the river ever since she was six years old... That afternoon of August 19th Elizabeth was sitten by the rocks next to the river while she was singing a song her mother would sing to her when she was a child... Suddenly a she heard a very strange voice like if someone could be watching her and right after she heard the strange noise twice she suddenly screamed: Who is it!? I command u to show ur face! And right after she said those words right throught the bushes there came out a man with blue eyes, straight blond hair and a very white skin. Who are u? Why were u watching me? She asked to the young man... I wasn't watching u, I was looking for u, ur father told me u could be here, ever since this is the place where u always hide to forget about all ur duties, he answered... Uhhh, why would u think of that u don't even know me? Oh but at least I know that while ur here ur father is worried sick about u, he answered her back... After he said such words, Elizabeth standed up and did not accept the help of the man to stand up she walked back to her with a very angry expression on her face... But even Elizabeth was acting this way, what she didn't knew was that that man would become the man she would love for the rest of her life... So the days passed by and Elizabeth got to know even better and also falled more in love with the young man. And then there came the days their love was already known and Elizabeth's father forbidded her to see the man and equally to him but they loved each other so much that whenever her father was gone she would run away to the Greenwick river and would secretly meet with her beloved... But on July 15th the wedding was going to be celebrated but instead of that it turned out to be the day Elizabeth's beloved was murdered by the Murdrock bridge where they had planned to meet and escape together... Since that day Elizabeth would never be the same, her heart was broken ever since she knew she had to take care of her son without her beloved and also marry the man that killed the man she loved... And from then on every afternoon of July 15th Elizabeth would go to the Forest where she and her beloved met for the first time and would sit right next to the river and said sobbing: U loved me when nobody would U gave me the strenght that no one did U gave me every reason to keep loving u And I thank god for all of it... Then she would throw a rose on the water, would blow a kiss to the rock where he was buried and would go home again... And after her son was born she called him after his father and whenever she looks at her son she thinks of him while looking at the horizon and would whisper: At least u never left me alone, u gave me someone who would make as stornger as u did....
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Mina918 sagt:

Vor 3541 Tage
gorgeous and amzing!!!!

albinutza07 sagt:

Vor 3552 Tage
you made some brilliant masterpieces around!wow!the stories are wow!i have no words!5***

sweetterror sagt:

Vor 3559 Tage
wow! that was such a powerful story! 5* :)

Mina918 sagt:

Vor 3562 Tage
all beautiful..5*

90210charmedf... sagt:

Vor 3563 Tage
Beautiful blingee .But, very sad story.5*

mejserr sagt:

Vor 3565 Tage
Brillante historia... un poco triste pero me encanto cuando ella dice... "me diste a alguien que me hace fuerte como tu lo hiciste" OMG awesome!

JuLiEJuLiSsA3 sagt:

Vor 3565 Tage
OMG!!! this is so beautiful, yet sad, but absolutely romantic, love it, 5******************************:-)

sylviebing sagt:

Vor 3565 Tage
Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww such a storyteller girl amazing & that blingee is just perfect for that romantical story ! Bravo! xxx

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