The Fairy that met Jesus ©

The Fairy that met Jesus ©
As with all fairies, curiosity always got the better of them. Sometimes they would find a treasure to keep, and sometimes they just found mischief. Either way they always returned home with a story to tell. On one particular night, a little golden fairy was enjoying her evening flutter-about. When she came upon a stable in Bethlehem where a crowd had gathered. Thinking to her self that a treasure is sure to be amongst the crowd. She fluttered in search of that unknown treasure. She fluttered and flittered to see the cause of such a commotion. Closer and closer she went, until... Oh my! She could not believe her eyes. So tiny, so beautiful, and so radiant. A baby like no other she has seen. She fluttered down toward him, not even worried about the crowd. She stood on the edge of the manager, with her tiny little feet. As quite as can be, for she did not want to awaken him. There was a certain kind of glow about him. One she had never seen before. It was such a majestic glow that she knew he had to be of a Royal Family. She stood there for just a moment when the baby opened his little eyes. He looked at her, and with understanding and compassion in his eyes and he smiled. She could feel a pleasant warmth fill her body. It was something she had never felt before. Then she heard someone say that he was going to do many great things. He was going to save them, and bring them all happiness. She heard them call him Jesus. As she looked down towards him, she repeated his name 'Jesus'. The warmth she felt with his smile came back to her. This she thought, is a moment she shall never forget. Then she fluttered off in a hurry to tell the others. She had found the greatest treasure of all. She had found Jesus. ~Cavie Jane © (12-10-2009)
erstellt von: CavieJane

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mitzi26 sagt:

Vor 3724 Tage
Beautiful story Jane! Gorgeous creation! 

Pixytta sagt:

Vor 3724 Tage
.........()\"\"\"() So touching 
....... .(..*o*..)  &
.......-(,,)- -(,,)-Beautiful!!

bigdaddyweakley sagt:

Vor 3724 Tage
Bravissssimo & 5 mil stars

PhantaZzma sagt:

Vor 3724 Tage
Wow! Awesome!

veldmuis sagt:

Vor 3724 Tage
amazing, this one is great!

TrixiePixie2 sagt:

Vor 3724 Tage
Awesome Jane, are you a writer?

dmg1953 sagt:

Vor 3725 Tage favs

KMBJTH sagt:

Vor 3725 Tage
This is outstanding!! I love the silver you added!!

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