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Mini 1D ♥
One Direction♥
I can't keep feeling love like this, it's not worth тeмporary вlιѕѕ..
"Better to take a stand, & that was when I ruled the land."
{ι кєєρ ∂яєαмιиg, уσυ'ℓℓ вє ωιтн мє. & уσυ'ℓℓ иєνєя gσ.} // єιℓєєи χ нєияу ♥
I Am Alone In This Bed, House, & Head.
I've Been Thinking Of You-ooo ♥
Thanks For The Memories // Even Though They Weren't So Great.
Futuristic Prehistoric Throwdown :]
Don't You (Dundundundun) Forget About Me . ♥

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